modulus training tables, folding table, workspace48, training room

The best office environments are those that create a sense of community & space and support dynamic changes in workplace technologies and evolving work practices. 


agile electric desk, height adjustable desk, standing desk, sit stand desk

Standing up at work is more than just a trend, it is also a healthier option. Move up another level with a sit/stand adjustment at the flick of a switch and enables your office workspace the ability to adapt to suit multiple users. 


modulus table, workspace48, conference table, meeting room table, boardroom table,

The Modulus system has a timeless simplicity with one universal leg style that supports many table designs. 


link table, collaboration table, study table, education table, meeting table, library table

Link collaboration table is ideal to meet the current need of collaboration in a workplace. Whether for a meeting in a small team, a group meeting or simply to gather ideas, this collaborative table will offer you the convenience that fits your business. 


factory table, meeting table, study table, heavy duty table, mobile table, library table

Factory Table get to work! It brings the option of mobility to collaborative areas and supports dynamic group tasks. Factory can be specified in a choice of sitting and standing heights, a range of widths and lengths, veneer or laminate.


academic table, training table, office table, collaboration table. meeting room

 The Academic line of training tables is distinguished by its functionality in classrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms. Mobile, linked or stationary, electrified or folding Academic tables allow you to choose the best option for you. 


elevation electric desk, height adjustable desk, standing desk, sit stand desk, private office

Elevation is the ergonomic solution for working in comfort and flexibility. The result? A healthier, more productive work environment. 


level office furniture, level desk, level collection, open office, private office, office desk

The Level collection – designed for focusing, privacy as well as collaboration and interaction – merges private offices and open spaces using furniture with high-quality finishes and a sleek and harmonious design, creating productive work areas that meet individual needs. 


wellington table, wellington bases, conference table, meeting room table, boardroom table,

The Wellington conference table will add a stylish touch to your meeting room. With a chrome-accented base, its many surfaces come in a variety of forms. It is equipped with a wire management system that feeds the power supply and communication tools through the table’s surface. 


lennox table, collaboration space, break  room, break out table, table, high table

Lennox tables are available in different heights. Its square base with rounded corners makes it a favorite. Excellent for a collaboration spaces or break rooms. 


annex table, conference table, collaboration table. library table, boardroom table

Bring an inviting atmosphere to your meetings with Annex.  It's the latest addition to our extensive collaborative table offering, takes you back to your first picnic! Featuring a 2” built-up edge and a strikingly sturdy base, Annex is available in sitting or standing height. 


endzone table, collaboration table, study table, education table, meeting table, library table

Whether it's a study session with a peer or a meeting with a colleague, EndZone meets your needs.  EndZone is our contemporary collaborative table, features a top with a 2" built-up edge and table heights of 30", 36" and 42".