Seating Facts

 Research shows employees are 17.5 % more productive when working in an ergonomic setting and are 17.7% more productive when given a highly adjustable office chair. There is a correlation between productivity and comfortability. Having an ergonomic office chair allows employees to focus on their responsibilities at work instead of their discomfort. Make sure your employees have the best seating for their tasks! 

 England’s Chief Medical Officer revealed that more than 23 million working days in the UK were lost due to office-related ill health and poor seating, with absentees estimated to cost the economy a staggering £100 billion per annum. What is this issue costing your company?


Let us help you find the correct seating for your team!


Ray Midback Conference chair, Allseating, boardroom chair, boardroom seating, moden design

 Ray® Midback Conference features a modernist design and an innovative React mechanism that self adjusts to the most ideal sitting position based on the weight of the user.  


Fluid basic task, allseating, task chair, task seating, mesh back, fluid chair, mesh task chair

 Fluid® Basic Task combines the signature, streamlined design of the Fluid® series with a basic mesh back and upholstered seat.   


Entail chair, entail task chair, allseating, mesh task, midback chair, height-adjustable chair

 Entail comes standard with an integrated seat-slider to support a wide-range of body types as well as optional dual functioning arms that are height-adjustable and arm pads that can easily shift forwards or backwards. 


Halsa midback, halsa seating, halsa chair, lounge seating, waiting room chair, allseating

 Halsa, which is Swedish for "health" is a new series of waiting room and lounge furniture that offers healthcare and education facilities the perfect balance of comfort, style and flexibility. 


multiflex seating, multiflex chair, multiflex stacking, stacking chair, allseating

 Multiflex® is in a class of its own thanks to the Flexion seat that passively flexes with downward and forward movement. Plus it features a molded seat back that pivots backward and forward, providing continuous support as it conforms superbly to body movement. 


ray highback conference chair, ray, allseating, conference chair, conference seating

Ray® Highback Conference features a modernist design and an innovative React mechanism that self adjusts to the most ideal sitting position based on the weight of the user.  


You midback chair, allseating, you chair, you seating, task chair, task seating

Instead of being passively supported by your chair, the You® chair encourages you to sit actively – all day and regardless of the task at hand. With its standard back height adjustment and U-shaped back suspension, the You chair introduces a revolutionary way of sitting that ‘lifts’ you into the proper position. 


astute bar stool, allseating, bar seating,

Astute embodies Allseating’s ambition to provide accessible design by combining modern style with exceptional versatility to yield a chair that’s ideal for all settings. With over 85 total variations our customers have the freedom to bring their vision to life.


Belle 05R chair, room b, armchair, task chair, belle seating, belle chair, office chair

The Belle 05R armchair is all about curves, comfort, and character. Belle 05R armchair and its striking design will make a modern statement in any interior environment. This armchair is available in a variety of finishes and upholstery configurations. 


Padova UR , upholstered armchair, room b, task chair, versatile chair, office chair, office seating

Padova UR is a multi-purpose upholstered armchair with flowing contours and tailored geometry. The elegant seat shell combined with its aluminum swivel base delivers exceptional comfort in a timeless form. This versatile chair is suitable for any environment and is available in a variety of finish and upholstery options. 


Twenty2 seating, twenty2 chair, spec furniture, nesting chair, mobile seating

Now, you can ensure that everyone at your meeting is both comfortable and productive. This thoughtful design allows chairs to nest together perfectly and effortlessly. Finally, a nesting chair that goes anywhere and seats virtually anyone! 


tailor modular seating, tailor chair, lounge seating, waiting room seating, spec furniture

Tailor makes a striking impression while keeping the requirements of hard-use applications in mind. Tailor’s modular series allows facilities to create the seating arrangements that work best in their space. 


Ayles conference chair, allseating, conference seating, contemporary lounge seating

 A contemporary lounge seating with a knife-edge shape and enchanting name that are inspired by its namesake, the Ayles ice Shelf, located in the Canadian Arctic. 


Zip mesh chair, zip conference chair, task chair, allseating, boardroom, office seating

Looking cool under pressure while keeping an eye on the bottom-line, Zip® Mesh Conference brings confidence, contemporary design and comfort to the boardroom.


tuck collaborative chair, tuck conference chair, side chair, office seating, allseating, task chair

Tuck Collaborative brings a swivel-base option to the Tuck family, offering users the functionality of a task chair with the simplicity and aesthetic of a side chair. This chair can be seen around quick conference settings, training areas, labs, and touchdown spaces 


zip upholstered task chair, zip task, task seating, allseating, office task chair

Typically found chained to its desk, Zip® Task tirelessly provides the support needed to stay productive all day long.  


therapod highback chair, task chair, comfortable task chair, allseating

Therapod® features a fully customizable, body-specific adjustment system that supports precise points throughout the entire back. 


snowball 3 chair, spec furniture, meeting room seating, cafeteria seating, lounge chair, wood back

Snowball 3 with wood back and upholstered seat is perfect for your meeting room, conference room, waiting room, cafeteria, lounge or office.